Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cooking Day.

What a busy Sunday Morning.

Started cooking at about 9am. 
First up I cut up the lamb roast for 3 different meals. 
Irish Stew - Cooking in Crock pot (nearly Finished)
Mediterranean Lamb Casserole - Waiting to go in Crock Pot
Lamb Stock - Cooling in freezer so I can skim off the fat. Which will turn into a hearty Vegie & Lamb soup.

Next I made a dozen Vanilla, Choc & Sultana Cup Cakes, a dozen Chocolate Choc Chip Cup Cakes
Then onto 96 Oat, Cornflake & Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Once I cleaned up from that I made 40 Ham & Cheese Quiches for hubby & #1 son's lunches through out the week.

Now onto Salami, Red onion Sandwiches for #2 son for school lunches.

Phew, glad I am going out for dinner tonight.

Just need to do load of washing tonight after kids get ready for bed then I am finished.
Till next time,